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What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson

Alexander Technique is usually taught in one-to-one lessons though it is possible to attend introductory workshops and group sessions.

We will start with a preliminary chat about what brings you to the Technique and what you are hoping to get out of lessons. Then, I will work with you to explore every day movements such as standing, sitting and walking.

With the help of gentle, hands-on guidance I will teach you how to recognise harmful habits and tension and how to let go of them.  I will also work with you whilst you lie on the table in the classic Alexander 'semi supine' position which allows for maximum support to allow the back to relax and expand.

As the Technique can be applied to any activity I can tailor sessions to suit your specific needs. I am particularly interested in teaching horse riders and it is possible to arrange for me to come and give you a lesson whilst riding your horse.

No special clothing is required although it is better to not to wear anything that restricts your movement and trousers or leggings are probably more suitable for lying in the semi-supine position. You will normally be asked to remove your shoes.

Lessons usually last for 45 minutes - with an introductory one lasting for about an hour.


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