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How can Alexander Technique help you?

The Alexander Technique is a life skill that can improve many aspects of your well-being, including your co-ordination, posture, balance and core strength. It has also been proven to be one of the most effective methods for treating chronic back-pain. Alexander Technique teaches you to how to recognise bad habits and that you have a choice - learning how to replace these with less harmful habits. It also helps you to get rid of excess tension and teaches you how to use your body in a better, more efficient way.

Relief of pain, stress and tension
These are often caused by bad posture such as slouching, hunching over a computer or laptop or slumping in an armchair.  Modern day life is full of stress – endlessly ringing telephones, meetings, deadlines and everyday pressures such as rushing to pick the children up from school.  The physical and mental strain of daily life can accumulate over the years to result in illness, injury, aches, pains and stress.   Alexander Technique teaches you to recognise your reactions to the stresses of life and will teach you how to prevent them and to take control.

Enhance your performance
The technique can be applied to any activity or sport and can boost your performance by identifying harmful habits causing pain and stress.

Re-educate yourself
During Alexander Technique lessons you will learn simultaneously on different levels:  physically, emotionally and intellectually.  F M Alexander discovered that the key to better and more efficient use of our bodies lay in learning to do less, not more.  By learning to recognise our harmful habits we can stop, think and choose a better response. 

Alexander Technique teaches us the 'use of the self', i.e. how we use our bodies in all the different situations and activities we encounter in life, including our awareness and the way in which we react to different situations.  When you take lessons you learn to become aware of, and then to strip away, the habits of tension, movement and reaction that interfere with natural poise and balance.

Body and mind in balance
F M Alexander discovered that co-ordination and poise relied on what he called 'The Primary Control' which is the natural relationship and balance of the head, neck and back.  The Technique works through working to re-establish this natural balance of the head on top of the spine in order to promote an easy, upright posture and a well-functioning body and mind.

Back pain
See below for results of a randomised controlled trial of Alexander Technique, exercise and massage (ATEAM) for patients with chronic low back pain -

Read about Alexander Technique on the NHS Choices web-site or watch the interesting BMJ video below.


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